Towards a mastery of the English language

We offer quality English lessons, built and tailored to you and your learning goals.

No matter your profile

Second language lessons adapted to your reality

Whether for business, school, travel, family or simply for the pleasure of learning another language, our dedicated teachers offer you quality language classes to help you learn quickly and effectively.

The importance of speaking English well

Whether you are in a position to give conferences, whether you have to participate in monthly pan-Canadian meetings or simply want to give your clients the right instructions, fluency in English will prove to be a valuable asset in your work.

The quality of the delivery is as important as the presentation to make a good impression. Give yourself every chance to succeed and move forward in your personal and professional life.

The importance of writing well in English

Writing well means making sure that people understand what they are being told, orally as well as in writing.

Clear and understandable communication is at the heart of any organization’s communications. Messages must be clear and understood by all concerned. Make sure your partners and employees understand what is expected of them.

Likewise if you are looking for a job: a curriculum vitae written without fault and in a rich and precise vocabulary will impress by its simple clarity.

Preparation for exams

We review and practice with you all the English grammar you will need to meet the language requirements of governments, universities, national and international companies. We can prepare you for federal and provincial government level assessment exams, TOEFL for college entrances and more.


A first meeting


Determine your English needs

The evaluation meeting is divided into two stages, takes place online with an official from the Center and lasts about 30 minutes.

Image évaluation cours d'anglais

The initial meeting consists of…

This intial meeting is to discuss your needs and goals and to assess your knowledge of English on a variety of grammatical topics: verb tenses, prepositions, sentence structure, etc. We assess pronunciation, use of correct verb tenses, rate and vocabulary. Then we are able to provide you with a summary and a recommendation as to the package and type of English course required. Students choose the number of lessons according to budget and time available. The program begins when the student is ready.


Our recommendations


Find the right course for you

We offer you our recommendations as to the type of English program that will allow you to reach your goals quickly.

How to best ensure your success?

First assess your level, your learning style, your needs and your objectives. Then choose the program that meets these four fundamental elements and of course, choose the frequency and the schedule that are adapted to your lifestyle.


A tailor-made choice


At your own pace

Find the perfect type of English course for you. We offer private, semi-private and group English lessons. Our plans are tiered so they adapt to you whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced.