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Language courses for companies

Is communication a major challenge for your business? For management, production, customer service and other teams, we offer language courses adapted to your reality and your company’s objectives.

Since 1986 AngloPro has specialised in second language learning for adults. Companies as well as individuals have benefitted from our qualified teachers all with university degrees and who teach their mother tongue. This of course greatly helps students understand the grammatical concepts, practice conversational topics and acquire standardised pronunciation.

Over the past three decades, AngloPro has had numerous business clients, from small and medium-sized companies to multinationals. Students have participated in our training programs in order to respond to company needs and expectations as well as to reach their own personal objectives.

Our classes are held on-line live, with enthusiastic teachers using solid well-adapted material for your specific needs, via Zoom or Teams, whichever platform your company prefers.


Determine the who and the why

The first step to initiate a second language training project is to determine the who and the why for your business. AngloPro then focusses on the specific training objectives for your company. The next step is for us to ensure correct evaluation of employees’ level of knowledge in the target language. Following the initial contact and individual level assessments, recommendations will be given regarding groupings (private, semi-private or small group settings), weekly frequency, duration of training and methods of evaluation of students’ success.

A profitable investment

Offering quality second language programs is useful to all parties involved. Companies find themselves with high performance employees who can work with a greater variety of people. Individuals enjoy of course an increase in their skill set, useful both on a professional and a personal level.

Expanded opportunities

With AngloPro, experienced directors have honed their presentation skills; managers have reached a greater comfort level, enabling them to better interact with multicultural teams; business administrators and sales representatives have seen their efficiency increase by being able to respond to a greater number of clients and suppliers.

Effective methods

Of course time is always of the essence when a company wants to improve efficiency both for its internal and external services. Perhaps your business deals with people from across North America or throughout all six continents. At AngloPro we focus on meeting your goals and making results happen within a time frame that answers to your expectations. Our Center is also accredited by Emploi-Québec, Revenu-Canada et Revenu-Québec.

Let's discuss your project so that together, we can make it happen!

Contact us for further information regarding how AngloPro can provide you and your company with knowledgeable teachers, excellent training material and personalised programs to reach your goals efficiently and in a timely manner.

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